Ambulance PM

We provide a Complete Preventive Maintenance Program to assist in proper maintenance of on-board and portable equipment. Regularly checked and maintained equipment allows you the comfort of knowing excellent care is being provided. Safe and accurately calibrated equipment will be used. Below is a list of special equipment that we service and calibrate during our Complete Preventive Maintenance check:

  • Check pressures and flow rates of on-board and portable oxygen and air systems.
  • Eliminate any leaks on oxygen equipment.
  • Check accuracy of Oxygen Regulators and Flowmeters.
  • Check pressures and flow rates on Demand Valves.
  • Check Suction Equipment for proper pressure and flow.
  • Check and verify proper function of all Pulse Oximeters.
  • Check calibration of Automatic Ventilators.
  • Check the accuracy of Blood Pressure Cuffs.
  • Check and verify proper function of CPAP equipment.
  • Verify all equipment meets or exceeds Federal KKK-A1822B specifications and Pennsylvania State Licensure Requirements as it pertains to Suction and Oxygen equipment.