Allied Products Service Center

Allied Healthcare Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of medical gas construction equipment, respiratory therapy equipment, home healthcare products, and emergency medical supplies. Our products appear worldwide in a range of medical applications, including hospital care, sub-acute treatment, long-term care, home healthcare, and medical emergencies.

  • Adapters, Fittings, Hose Assemblies (Adapters, Couplers & Fittings, Nitrogen Regulator Assembly, Hose Assemblies & Fittings, Relacement Hose Assemblies)
  • Air Compressors & Nebulizers (Schuco® S6000 Air Compressor, Timeter® PCS 414 Air Compressor, Timeter® AridyneTM Air Compressors)
  • Medical Drying Cabinet (PAT 10TM Medical Drying Cabinet)
  • CO2 Absorbent (Carbolime®, Litholyme®, Disposable Suction & Respiratory Products, Disposable Collection Canisters, B&F Oxygen Therapy Disposables)
  • Flowmeters (Timeter® Flowmeters & Accessories, Click-ItTM Flowmeter)
  • Oxygen Therapy Equipment (B&F Oxygen Therapy Disposables, B&F Oxygen Pressure Regulators, SurgeX® Surge Suppressing Post Valve, Timeter® CAM4 Mist Tent, Lif-O-Gen® Emergency Portable Oxygen Kits)
  • Ventilation Equipment & Products (LSP AutoVentTM 2000/3000 Transport Ventilator, LSP AutoVentTM 4000 Transport Ventilator, LSP L770 Disposable Confined Space Manual Resuscitator)